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You are welcome to the page providing basic information about the Sejm. Reading this page you will learn about the Sejm’s functions, about the law-making process and about the job of the Sejm Deputy. In the section concerning the history of the Sejm you will read how the Polish parliament evolved during the Middle Ages and how it changed over the centuries.

In addition, our page will let you take a virtual tour of the Sejm buildings complex. The virtual tour allows you not only to see the plenary hall or the main hall, but also to visit rooms not normally open to the public. The most important spots are provided with descriptions that are shown after you click on the “i” icon.


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Sejm's History

In the states of medieval Europe, society was divided into estates. These estates - which differed mainly in their legal status - were: the nobility, the clergy, burghers and peasants. The nobility and the clergy were privileged estates ...

Sejm bodies

In the Polish parliamentary tradition, the rule that debates of the house of deputies are chaired by a Marshal of the Sejm (Speaker) elected from among the deputies goes back to the 16th c. In today’s Sejm, the Marshal is elected at the first sitting of the Sejm ...